Starters (served with fresh homemade bread)
Zeytin Fresh Turkish black olives 4
Veg Sticks Carrot, cucumber, celery (good for dipping) 4
Humus Crushed chickpeas, tahini, lemon juice & garlic 5
Tarama Marinated cod roe with onion & lemon 5
Cacik Cucumber, garlic & mint with fresh youghurt 5
Ezme Salata Freshly chopped tomato salad (Sheesh Speciality) 10
Kalamari Fresh squid, battered, served with homemade sauce 14
Sigara Boregi Thin pastry filled with cheese & spinach then rolled 9
Lahmacun Homemade Turkish pizza with onion salad 9
Hellim Grilled Turkish cheese with onions 9
Sardalya Fresh sardines, grilled, served with lemon & olive oil 12
Kalamar Tava Pan fried squid in white wine, tomato & basil 14
Taze Mantar Creamy garlic button mushrooms, topped with cheese 10
Shrimp Saganaki Prawns, Tomato & Feta cooked in a traditional pan 16
Peynirli Salata Fresh salad with olives & feta cheese 9
Saganaki Cheese Flaming Turkish Cheese 12
Karisik Meze A mixed selection of homemade dips Small 14
Large 28
Side Dishes
Truffle Chips Cheesy chips with Black Truffle  20
Pilav Plain rice with baby noodles 5
Bulgur Spicy red rice with vegetables 5
Ispanak Fresh spinach with tomato & onion 6
Asparagus Grilled asparagus with herb butter 8
Izgara Sebze Mixed vegetables, grilled & seasoned (for 2 people) 10
Chips Homemade chips 5
Halep Sos Hot homemade vegetable sauce 3
Biber Grilled hot bullit chillies 4