Meats (All Meat dishes are cooked on charcoal & served with salad)
Lamb Sis Marinated cubes of lamb grilled on skewers 26
Tavuk Sis Cubes of chicken breast marinated then grilled 24
Karisik Sis Half lamb, half chicken shish 26
Chicken Legs Cut off the bone, marinated then grilled on skewers 22
Adana Kofte Minced lamb with herbs & spices (Sheesh Speciality) 24
Pirzola Tender lamb chops,seasoned then grilled 28
Tavuk Kanat Marinated chicken wings 19
Karisik Grille A mixed selection of all meats 34
Karisik Et A mixed selection of the finest cuts of lamb 36
Veal Chop Best fresh veal chop, seasoned then grilled (It’s Big) 38
Fish (All fish dishes are cooked on charcoal & served with salad)
Halibut Fresh halibut steaks served with an olive butter sauce 30
Fener Baliği Monk Fish kebab with a light garlic sauce 30
Levrek Wild Seabass, seasoned then served whole 30
Karides Fresh King Prawns served with a garlic mayonnaise 34
Lobster Live lobster grilled with a garlic sauce (1kg uncooked) 46
Specials (All Steak & Chicken dishes are served with chips & spinach)
Peppered Steak USDA best beef fillet served with a creamy shallot and pepper sauce 250g  35
Steak Mariana USDA best beef fillet served with a creamy mushroom and onion sauce 250g 35
Kremali Chicken Corn fed chicken breast served with a creamy sweet pepper and mushroom sauce 26
Kleftico Slowly roasted lamb shank with carrot, celery, potato and spinach in a tomato sauce 28
Musakka Traditional lamb Mousaka served with salad 18
Sebzeli Musakka Traditional vegetable moussaka served with salad 14