Sheesh Doughnuts 10
Hot Doughnuts with Maple Syrup, Pistachio, Cinnamon and served with Ice Cream
Dream Cakes  10
With a secret filling, covered in hot chocolate sauce and served with ice cream
Sweet Strawberries 10
Served with a whipped Amaretto cream on a biscuit base
Sheesh Baked Cheesecake 10
Covered in hot chocolate sauce, served with ice cream
Tiramasu 9
Fresh, thick tiramasu served with cold cream
Lemon Ice 12
Lemon sorbet served with a large shot of Belvedere vodka and a sprig of mint
Birthday Surprise
Dream cakes, Amaretto cream, strawberries, sparklers, candles and singing waiters
£5 per person, £10 minimum spend
Please ask your waiter for our selection of teas, coffees & liqueurs