Let’s Begin

All served with fresh homemade bread  
Cheesy Pastry Rolls 12
Prawns with tomato and feta cheese 16
Calamari 19
Halloumi Cheese 11
Creamy Garlic Cheesy Mushrooms 12
Lobster Pasta 25

The Main Event

All dishes are cooked on the BBQ and served with salad  
Milk Fed Welsh Lamb Fillet 30
French Corn Fed Chicken Breast 28
Wagyu Rib Eye Steak 58
Tender Lamb Chops 36
Sheesh Chicken Legs, off the bone 26
Wagyu Beef Burger 40
Mix Sheesh. Lamb and Chicken 36
The Lamb Burger 26
Cornish Monkfish with a light garlic sauce 36

Pizza Heaven

Truffle Shuffle 40
Native Lobster 50
Meat Treat 18

A Bit on the Side

Black Truffle Cheesy Chips 25
Buttery Rice with baby noodles 6
Truffle Mac & Cheese 30
Spicy Red Rice with vegetables 6
Hand Cut Chunky Chips 6
Fresh Spinach with tomato & red onion 7
Mixed, Seasoned, BBQ Vegetables 10
Sheesh Mixed Salad 10
Greek Salad 11
Chopped Tomato Salad 11
Hot BBQ Bullit Chillies 5

The After Party

Hot Donuts with maple syrup 10
Chocolate Dream Cakes 10
Strawberries with biscuit & Amaretto cream 10
Banoffi Bang 10
Chocolate Cheesecake 10